Sunday, October 10, 2010

A peek into...

Fridge and pantry! Its creepy, but I love looking in peoples' refrigerators and pantries. I think it says so much about them. Not only what they eat, but also if they are organized.

(In the past four sentences I have misspelled about 5 words, multiple typos and had to google the word "refrigerator". Jeez....)

On Sunday, I was pretty productive. I got up at nine and pretended to work on some Graduate School stuff, went to Starbucks to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte thanks to IGE always talking about them, went to PUBLIX, then to COSTCO, then to Home Depot, then to a cookout, then back home to pretend to work on Graduate stuff, finally did Graduate stuff and cooked this week's Sunday Supper. Phew.....

My prior to shopping's bare-boned cabinets were finally full again. They never regained their strength after my weekly grocery goal. Anyway...

I love a full fridge. You know what I also love? La Croix water. I either have a ton of it or none at all. I rarely drink anything out of a can, but this is mmmm mmmm good. Its so refreshing!

I like Greek yogurt more than any other kind because I dont think it is as sweet as most yogurts. Good with granola.

Mushrooms and Honey Crisp apples (I swear by these apples. They SCREAM fall).

Welcome back Brussels Sprouts. You were greatly missed this summer.

I rarely make spaghetti unless it is a.) requested b.) been a looooong day c.) super poor. But I feel like I have 1000 half empty jars of spaghetti sauce in my fridge.

I have a thing for sparkling water.

I got this awesome Taboule at Costco.

My favorite hummus and perfect for on-the-go!

A whole door dedicated to sauces.

Cheeses, eggs, meats.

In addition to sparkling water, I could also live off pickles. Behind the cream are just jars and jars of different type of pickles. I have certain pickles that I put on certain things. Its weird.

Thandrew always have this in their fridge as a go-to appetizer when friends come over and it rubbed off on me to get some for me guests.

My pantry is so tall that I can not reach the top two shelves so I keep my favorites on the bottom ones and the items decrease in importance as you go higher up.

A shelf dedicated to spices and sauces.

Lara Bars, duh!

This is HANDS DOWN the best jerky I have ever ever ever had. It is sooooo spicy!

I got into this phase where I made my own hummus. This is my tahina that I will probably never use again. I realized, I dont like my hummus nearly as much as store bought hummus.

My favorite cereal.

 That's my first peek into. It's a weird obsession. 


  1. here is my secret on how to make hummus from scratch the right consistency...use about a 1/4 cup of greek yogurt in it. makes a huge difference. and make sure to blend for at least 2 full minutes. (miss you!)

  2. also, I to have an obsession with looking into people's fridges and pantries. also I LOVE grocery shopping and LOOOOVE looking into people's carts and trying to figure out things about them and also what they are cooking

  3. OOO... i will have to add "cart snooping" to my list of favorite things to do! I will definitely try using greek yogurt in my hummus next time. Good tip!