Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A little bit of a dinner party

Bf and I had a mini-dinner party on Friday night. We just invited a couple of friends over and cooked bf's favorite dinner. We have been making Bonne Femme for a couple of years as our "special dinner." Typically reserved for Valentine's, Anniversaries, etc... but Friday we thought that our friends would enjoy a little bit of a very rich, very delicious dish. 

I cheat and loosely use Food Network's recipe. The protein in this dish is scallops, which are perfect in this dish, but you can also use chicken... or seriously, just bread. 

Since we had friends over we were busy telling stories, laughing, and sharing some wine so I felt rude excusing myself to take pictures. Next thing you know, it was ready. And we dove in. Before I could even get a picture of a non-nibbled on plate. 

Bf and 1/2 of Thandrew were dining to my left and totally involved in their plates. 

The other 1/2 of Thandrew, glaring at me from across the table. We exchanged some heated words later about this attitude. Just kidding, I could never be mad at him. 

I wasn't hesitating to dive on in. I am a very fast eater, when everyone else is slow. I am a very slow eater, when everyone else is fast. I don't know. Bf says I do it to get on his nerves... but I don't think that's really the reason. 

And to my right was Schneebs and Waverly. It was their first time over to dinner and we were so happy to have them. Friday nights, I am so drained. I wish we had been able to do this dinner on Saturday night so I would have been a more enthusiastic hostess. Next time...

I mean... hello? Do we have guests? Are we talking to anyone? Probably not. Just eating. 

Approximately 2 minutes later, we were finished. I think we were all starved. I ate mine in 1 minute. 1 minute faster than the rest, of course. Then, it was time for a show.... A DOG SHOW! 

Our dog, Stellar, is smart. Now, I know I know, so is your dog. But, Stellar is really smart. Like, can write with a pencil smart... ok, that was a lie. He's not that smart, but he is smart enough to sit in your chair if you get up and join the rest of the group at the dinner table. 

He happily joined in on our dinner conversation. He had very interesting insight on the housing crisis. 

Then, it was a battle between Chum and Stellar for who got to sit in Schneebs's lap. Followed by apologies for the dogs being such free-spirits. Thankfully, he loves them too. 

Stellar hears better this way. We wanted to make sure he was paying attention. Oh, and by this time we had pulled up another chair so that bf and Stellar could both sit at the table. 

NO MORE NO MORE. Shortly after being photographed multiple times, he had had enough and went to sleep on the couch. But we had fun while we could. 

And if you have ever hung with 1/2 of Thandrew and I, you would know that a party is not a party until we break out the nail polish. I can not begin to describe all the likes of people whose nails we have painted. 

I wish I had taken more photos of the food, but I am sure I will be making it again soon. Maybe this time, for the first time, I will try chicken. I just love scallops soooo much. 

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