Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Its all in the details

I know its a problem.  I know I have already posted about this..... buuuut..... I can't help it. I am in love. I hate to leave it for the weekend when I go camping, what if she gets lonely?

Just look at her. Gorg.

But these things are all about the details. From far away: yes pretty. Up close: even prettier.

There are these great cutouts from the original design on the side. They give you a little peek of whats sitting on the bar portion.

I love the antique look of the hutch too. My guess is that it has been sanded with fine sandpaper. Its smooth to the touch. 

Look at those gorgeous details!

That is a pull down lock on the interior of the top door. 

Skeleton key? Always. 

The next photo was the eye-catcher. The oh-yeah to my shrill screams....

I just love that green glass. It doesn't look as translucent until you open the door and then the light shines through. 

Now behind the green glass doors...

I had been storing my wine glasses on the tippy top shelf in my kitchen. So to get one down I had to hold onto the cabinet and use it to pull myself up onto the counter top. Then, I had to come to full-standing position just to reach the top of the cabinet. Not a good look when you have guests over...Hey! You want some wine? Just a moooment. "Heave. Grunt. Stand. Grunt. Shake the floor upon landing." Ah, here you go). Quirky? Yes. Practical? No. 

Now that my wine glasses are here I feel mature and I know that I will get more use out of them. 

I also have the same situation with my vases. So now they are tucked in on the bottom cabinet of my hutch. I also like to keep interesting bottles (hence, the kenari bottle) that I may use again some day. 

The situation with the pots was the opposite. It was backbreaking torture to take them all out, unstack, find the one I want, find the lid, get frustrated and quit. So now they are nicely organized and spread out in the bottom of the hutch. 

Organized cooking magazines, my Granny's cookbooks, and needles and threads

Napkins, dishrags, and extra thank you/I forgot your birthday cards

Arranging doodle-dads on the top was my favorite part. My sister-in-law gave me the cool blue glasses for my birthday this year.

I love love love my vintagey blue mason jar. When I was in high school it held Q-tips in my bathroom. Then, I stole it from my mother and put dog bones in it until recently when I ran out of dog bones and realized how pretty it is. 

I went through a "I'm going to make pickles all the time!" phase. So I bought a ton of mason jars. I have displayed a few empties here and stuck some small shells from Savannah in one.

When I first got my cake stand, It was for sweets and treats and such. Then I put limes in it once and thought it displayed things nicely. So now, it is more of a display case for things I think are pretty. In there now are my bleached oyster shells I collected in Savannah, sand dollar, and such. Again, pretty and beachy. Its a little bit of sand and surf in Hotlanta until I move back to the coast for good.

On top is the BEST piece of drift wood I have ever found. Its soooo smooth. Its been floating around different places in my house for a year or so. Finally, it has a home. 

That's all. I'll shut up about the hutch and I'll quit, literally, patting myself on the back. 

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  1. I love your description of the hutch! You've done a great job of filling it with lots of love! Now I need you to find me an interesting piece of furniture!