Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Late last night, at about 9:30 (yeah, I think that it comical too... hey! I have to get up at 6 am!) I received a text on my phone. It was from my pal Harrison (www.twitter.com/harrisonkeith). It was a picture that instantly made my mouth water. There on my phone was a picture of perfection... the dirty martini. Now, everyone has their drink, their go-to. Mine is the martini. My boyfriend likes a Gibson, but I, the martini. 
There it is with, count them, 4 delicious olives. Maybe I love them so because of my love of all things olive. But there is also something so je ne sais quoi about them. 

A traditional martini is made with gin, vermouth, and garnished with an olive. I prefer mine to be made with vodka, but everyone once in a while, I like a gin martini. 

Here is my method to a perfect martini. 

1. Keep the vodka in the freezer. This way when you shake the martini, the ice won't melt and make it too watery. 

2. Pour a little over a shot glass into your shaker (5.5 cl). I usually eye ball it. No point getting something else dirty.

3. Dump in a few ice cubes.

I added some olive juice to this one to make it diiiirty.


4. Shake-a-lotta

5. Add a sipple of vermouth to your glass and swirl

6. Pour into a reasonable martini glass. Please don't use the ENORMOUS kind. It looks funny to me. Sometimes I use a low-ball glass for ease. 

7. Skewer yourself a few olives. However many you like. I won't judge. And if I am really feeling festive, I might even stuff a few of those suckers with blue cheese, feta cheese, or garlic. 

8. SIP and enjoy.

I love to use my penguin picks. Aint they precious?

Now, I can only have one or I get a headache bigger than Texas, especially when I have to be up at the crack of dawn ready to whistle "Dixie" to 22 kindergarteners. 

In the words of Mr. James Bond "Uh, just a drink. A martini, shaken, not stirred."

Now I am sitting on my patio and enjoying the rest of my 80 something degree day, waiting on the grill to cook my chicken.


  1. Very nice! I actually do mine with 3 olives and a cocktail onion which I really like. I do martinis in the warm weather and scotch in the cold. Cheers!!

  2. 2 more things: doesn't my martini look like a manly martini in it's setting of wood boxes and wood table? yest it does. Also, where do you buy just straight up olive juice?? I'm still just using it out of the jar.

  3. Pearson gave it to me for my bday from total wine, but you can get it at most liquor stores i think.