Monday, October 11, 2010

Savannah: One Foggy Morn

My friends and I woke up on Saturday morning with a fun-filled day ahead. We were going to be going to Tybee Island's Annual Pirate Fest. I love Pirate Fest. Me, bf, and our friends Brooke and Joe, went last year. We took the boat over and did NOT expect to see every person in the place in pirate gear. We looked soooo dumb in our civvies. We quickly bought eye patches and funny teeth to fit in. This year was different. We went all out on our Pirate costumes (although I called the one my bf picked "pirate hoe").  This year we were ready to have the maximum amount of fun... all while listening to Eddie Money. 

Before we were to head off to Pirate Fest at 5 p.m., we thought we'd take advantage of what was sure to be a beautiful (and 80 degree) day down on the coast. The morning was a foggy one, but still so pretty. 

Stellar and Chum were out enjoying their morning on the dock, complete with a stolen stuffed animal surely from one of the neighborhood children. 

You could not have asked for a more stunning view. I have never seen it this foggy, so we were all snapping away. 

Late friday afternoon we went clamming, but I forgot my camera. I love to collect shells and sticks from the beach and bleach them. Then I put them all over my house. I found a few "keepers" this time as well. 

By the time I had sprayed off my coastal art, most of the fog had cleared and we were ready to set off!

This was to be our noble stead for the day a.k.a "Easy Rhino."

The marshy water was green with marshy goo on top. Pretty. 

Here is our old crab trap. We had popped over to the hardware store to get a new one the day before. 

Stellar and Chum are ready to board our ship! Shortly after they were hustled back to the fenced in yard where they would await our arrival. I love to have the dogs on the boat, but with guests, I feel  like I am saying "I'M SORRY!", "I'M SO SO SO SORRY!", and "I'LL PAY FOR THAT!" over and over again. We were just going the hang out for an hour or so, so I knew they would be fine in the yard. 

Our first order of business was to pull up the crab traps (hint: We are sure glad we did. Wait until tomorrow's post!)

It was high tide. I love the drive out to get the traps at high tide. Its smooth sailing....

We got ourselves a bunch of delicious blue crabs. Here are Joe and bf pulling the traps in.

I always feel bad for the poor little crabbys. If I see a feisty one that just really wants to live, when no one is looking, I throw it back. They're delicious, don't get me wrong, and they DIDN'T die in vain, but it makes me feel better to toss one back. 

After our crabbing adventure we headed off for Wassaw and then Ossabaw. 


Do you ever feel badly about killing something you catch (edible creatures only please)?

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