Thursday, October 28, 2010

Spooktacular Clues

Its that time again.... no not the gubernatorial election, Halloween. I feel like all year I think up costumes and then when Halloween comes, I draw an absolute blank. I can never think of anything! Its so frustrating. Last year was a great Halloween. We drove up to Charlotte, NC to hang with some college friends and had a blast. Our friends, Alex and Meredith had just gotten engaged and bought a house so it was a culmination of all these great events and Halloween. Bf and I were vampires (original, right?). Well, actually bf was a "redneck vampire" which was heeelarious. He had vampire teeth on his front teeth and a mullet. I was just a regular ol' vampire. 

There was such an amazing display of costumes. This is Andrew, as Superman (for the 10th year....seriously) and our friend Jessica, as Oprah. 

I do not look good in white vampire face paint. Yeeeeow! Talk about washed out. But behind Oprah, is Gayle, of course. That's Marina. I did not recognize her at all! She had tried to say hellot o me and I had given her the cold shoulder. Not only was that crazy rude of me, but her costume was THAT good!

The recently engaged, Meredith went as Bridezilla. She even had a choreographed dance to go along with a costume. She's a dancer. That's her way. 

Then there is ol' redneck vampire, Gayle, and the groom, Alex. He got so lucky with his costume. He only had to wear a tux. 

So, this year I had tons of ideas. We were to return to Charlotte, NC and I was ready! Then, I received a curveball from the hostess, Meredith. A THEME! And the theme was South of the Border. Of course I begin to think... taco? no. senorita? naw. flamenco dancer? nein. What on earth was I going to be?!?!?!

So, I thought... who loves Halloween more than anyone? My Mud (remember her house). We brainstormed on the phone for a while and played a few ideas back and forth. And finally... we got it!

I set to work. Here are some clues. 

Jewels, sequins, industrial fabric glue 

Some without-a-doubt South of the Border fangernails. Oooo. I have to say that I am most excited to wear these out of anything!

Some Über red lipstick. I read online that my costume person's favorite lipstick color was named "brick," so I went from there. 

Remember my dad and the wigs? Here is my wig. The lady at Annie's Wigs told me that I should color my hair this color. No way! Talk about looking deathly and pale! I wish that color looked good on me though. 

Then, my costume really needed something. A headset. 

 No, not a Taco Bell worker....

After my purchases, I lay out my outfit to take stock. 

I LOVE my bellbottom pants. They are sooo BELL! I just want to dance when I wear them. 

Looked a little bland. A little ho-hum.

Then I BA-BAMED these shoes out of my closet. These were one of the best purchases ever. I thought "I'll never wear them, but I must have them!" And I didn't wear them, for 4 years. Then, next thing you know, I went to a disco party. And now, they are perfect for my Halloween costume. Hurrah!

Still, I needed to add more! So I got out my trusty glue and some jewels and began the bejeweling process. I tried to cover up as much/many of the girly polkadots as I could. I needed pizzaz! 

The top looked so much more _____-like when I was finished. 

I can't wait for this weekend so that we can South of the Border it up in Charlotte! Check back next week, fingers crossed, for pictures. Hasta Luego!

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