Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'll take a Turkey leg please

Smell the funnel cakes, sniff the corndogs, see the lemonade stands....sweat to death and want to die.

Yep, that's what the North Georgia State Fair was to me on Saturday. Don't get me wrong. I love love love fairs. I love everything about them. I love the strange crowds (hellllllooooo people watching), I love the food, I LOVE THE ANIMALS, but for some reason I just wasn't feeling it, at first.

The weather in Atlanta has been feeling much more fall-ish. So I went shopping and selected what are going to be my fall-themed clothing for this year. And my itch to wear them was more powerful than what the thermometer said.

I mean, I didn't have on a wool sweater or anything, but jeez... it was hot! Maybe it was the gasoline from the rides or the smell from the deep fryer, but for a minute there, I wasn't sure I was going to make it. It was more like crop top and cut off jean short weather than cute fall skirt weather.

It was a beautiful day, just not what I expected. And that dang tilt-a-whirl... riiiiight.

I go to the fair for 2 reasons: food and animals. That is all I care about really. I know there are rides: don't care. Leave me in the petting zoo and get me a snack. I've always been this way, its nothing new.

I know that the rides are fun. I like rides. I love Carowinds (the amusement park of my youth) and I love Six Flags, but at the fair, I have other business to take care of.

I walked in, took a left and went straight to the animals. No need to waste any time.

Mini horses. I want one. My cousin had one once. His name was Duke and I was insanely jealous, hence refused to play with Duke to make my point.

Skinny baby cow.

I have an OBSESSION with goats. More specifically Pygmy goats. I seriously want one for my backyard. I have a named picked out and everything. 

If that's not precious... I don't know what is. 

I think that's a llama, but I don't really care. Goats are cuter. 

Fluffy sheep.

The goats were not shy. 

I hung over the fence and called for goats to come over to me for about 1/2 an hour before bf dragged me away saying that I was annoying the goats (and apparently other children people). 

Cocks cone.

Back in the olden days, my family used to go to the NC state fair every year. There were tubs and tubs of baby ducks (and chicks). I would bee-line for my ducks, sit on the saw dust and play with chicks all day. My family hated this ritual and would stand outside the tent and complain while I cried about not being able to take one home. 

Seeing a cow's udder reminding me of a story where my brother once said to my dad "Can I drank it frum the udder ded?" 

While waiting in line for another animal tent, I turned to see this peering at me. Spooky!

Clearly this was the exotic animal tent. 

The friendliest animal in the place. We had a bond. 

Now for the rides. Well the one ride that bf rode. I had just eaten. I was in charge of holding everyone's crap. 

Look at that sky! What a gorgeous day it was (albeit too hot for October). 

Then the food...
We had decided when we got there that he would get a turkey leg and a funnel cake while I would get a corndog and a candy apple. I was so excited. But as we walked around, suddenly we became indecisive. 

There was so much going on food-wise. But...

Bf decided to go for the Turkey leg, despite other temptation. While I went for....

The corndog. Yum.

The best part though was the lemonade. We ended up getting 3! They were made with sugar, water, and fresh squeezed lemon juice. So good!

I took a bunch of pictures of hilarious signs while we were there. 

I totally went for the Giant River Rat (ALIVE!). I peeked in and it was... a Capybara. Poor things. And they are not rats. Apparently they make pretty good pets and love the water. I want one. 


I thought that this was hilarious. Bf and I were racing up to it at the same time trying to snap a picture. 

Then came the redneck part that I loved.

Those are some bald tires. How safe. 

"Hey baby. Thisisoursongwhenwefirststarteddating!" Inside joke, but you get the gist. 

I'll leave you with a cute picture.

Yeah, it was all hearts and rainbows and wishing that'd be me someday until they started full force making out. Seriously. 

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