Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Savannah: Ossabaw

Finally, we arrived at Ossabaw. The island was much longer than I anticipated. It probably took about 20 minutes or more from tip to tip on the boat. From first glance, it took my breath away! The trees were so incredible!

The tide was going out, so after we anchored we were able to walk ashore. 

We roamed the beach for a while, looking at the twisty trees. I was on the hunt for a new piece of driftwood (similar to the one I have on my hutch). There were tons of interesting artifacts everywhere and my fingers were itching to snag some. 

I love this picture. My guess is that the island is shrinking/disappearing and the forest is receding while the sand takes over. Then the trees die? I'm not sure. Whatever happens, it is B-E-A-utiful.

Here is my bf being adventurous and climbing a tree. He quickly hopped down and ran off. I never got my picture with the tree. 

So... I took one of my feet. Thanks bf. 

I loved this tree. It looked like ancient drawings. Then I found out that it was just a case of the worms. Still. Pretty.

Ok, before you go any further, you HAVE to watch this! From this point on, all jokes will be directed at this video so its best you follow along. I will just say one thing: He had beeeeaaautiful har.


Here is Joe reenacting the "Git away from here! GIT! GIT!" with his trusty driftwood stick. I am dying laughing along with Brooke. I wish I had video taped it. 

The water splashing on the shore was rich and foamy. 

"He was 10 foot taaa...."

I was thinking... man, this is going to be great for a post (loser, right?!) 

And boy was I right. Just not in the way I thought. After we played around on the beach we were starved. Having brought one turkey sandwich for all of us to split, we had definitely earned a meal! We walked back to the boat. Hopped about and....remember how I said that the tide was going out? We all got out and pushed. We pushed and shoved and lifted and pulled....

Read tomorrow to see what happens to me, bf, joe, me, brooke, and... did I say me (!?!?!?!) on Ossabaw Island. 

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