Monday, September 13, 2010

Scott Antique Market

My friend, Mary Delia of Container Gardening, told me about the Scott Antique Market a few months ago and I finally got a chance to go. It is only once a month and the stars finally aligned and I made it! There was so much to look at that I just wandered for hours. If I got tired, I took a break on one of the bajillion pieces of furniture.

I have been on the hunt for a hutch (a.k.a. china cabinet) for over a year. I have never been able to find one that I actually wanted to purchase. After hours of wandering and coming to terms that today wasn't the day... there it was. MY new hutch. As I neared, I prayed for it to be in my budget, but I knew it was impossible. When is it ever in your price-range?

Aint she a beaut? A real antique... that's all I wanted. And well. I got it. It was in my price range! I thought I would faint with excitement. 

I (over)eagerly rushed to the nice British man running the booth and alerted him that I would be taking the hutch home with me immediately. 

5 minutes later....

We were off. 

This is the only time in my 27 years of moving things to and fro and fro and to, that I have not complained one iota about the weight/shape/height/pointy/scratchiness of the said piece of furniture. 

I began immediately setting up my new toy. 

I also created a tornado of mess in the kitchen while setting up my hutch, hence the clutter covered table. 

So, Hooray! Finally! And I love it. I actually kissed it with my coffee this morning. And my apologies go out to Thandrew for being invited over and then being forced to sit at the table and stare/talk/ooo/ahh about the hutch and then congratulate me on my great find. Finally, I was asked to stop patting myself on the back by my support team. 


  1. LOVE the hutch!! Good find!

    p.s. I'm loving your blog. I can hear you saying everything you write and it makes me giggle :)

  2. Ahhhh...classic. And im in love