Monday, October 25, 2010

Party Parents

One great thing about being the only child home in Sparkle City for the weekend, was that I got to call the shots. When it was dinner time, there were no twins to argue with, no brother to trick into wanting to go where I want to go, just straight forward "Ma, Pa, I want to go here." So of course, we went to my favorite Spartanburg Austrian Restaurant Gerhard's. I love going here because they always have something interesting on their menu. Bf was eating here once and got pheasant and it still had a bullet in it. That's what I call fresh!

They make a great dirty Martini. 

My Mudder sat across the table sipping vino. She ordered Black Bean soup and this awesome Austrian Salad. 

My Deedee and I at Gerhard's. It was nice out and the restaurant had the doors opened and everything. 

They have an awesome Caesar Salad. I know it is the most unhealthy salad, but I swear I don't care. Its that good to me. Simple, yet anchovy-y. 

I knew I was definitely getting the small salad, so I knew that I wouldn't need too much more to eat. I saw this great Veal Shank Small Plate and I thought that sounded perfect. I thought it would be a little taste of veal... a little cabbage....


It was HUGE. There were two enormous portions. Of course, I flagged down the waitress and told her that she brought me the wrong thing, to which she replied "that is the small plate." Lordy. Mud, Faja, and I all nibbled on one portion. It was so delicious! That thick sauce, those creamy potatoes, that delightful cabbage... I could eat it again right now. I took the other half home. 

Dad got the fish kabobs. 

Then things turned nutty. Let me preface by saying that we had been to Annie's Wig Shop early in the day to get my Halloween wig. Well, that turned into a late night (8 pm) wig party. 

Here he was a lady. 

And here he said that he was in a band. 

I hope I don't embarrass my Pops too much with these. If they disappear soon, you'll know why. But if he doesn't have a sense of humor, then I don't know who does. My mud and I were laughing so hard that we had tears streaming down our faces. I was beating my fits against the counter for breath. Seriously. It was that funny. 

My Halloween wig and wig cap. 

Looks like a dead animal. I can't wait to wear it to my friend's "South of the Border" themed Halloween Party!

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