Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm going on a bear hunt

cI know its a song, but I think it may be for real. I am heading out this weekend to the Cohutta's to go on my yearly backpacking trip. I love this trip. It is so much fun. You know, getting back to nature (a.k.a. ending the trip with a starving stop to Zaxby's).

It takes sooooo much prep to get ready for a trip like this. Its also a GREAT excuse to buy more stuff. Last year I bought a ridiculously expensive sleeping bag and this year I already have my eyes set on a pack.

This Osprey pack is the one I have my eyes on. But I am worried that it won't carry as much as I need in the future (right.... because I am constantly backpacking through Europe and the Smokies). Its so comfortable and I reeeeeaaaallllly want it. I always rent a pack and I would love to have one of my very own. 

This is the one (more expensive of course) that the guy at REI suggests I get. 

The Ariel. What the worker man calls the best. And I have to admit, its awesome. You can get it heat-molded to your body. They put it in a special oven and then you put it on and.... heaven. You can do it three times during the lifetime of the bag, but its still cozy without. So.... I would ALSO like this one. 

I rented a pack again because its way cheaper, but I can always cancel if I get weak and get the Osprey. 

What really caught my attention was the camping food. Remember when camping food was limited to powdered eggs, black coffee, hotdogs, and rice? Phew-we-boy its fancy now. 

They even have organic camping food! That's got my name allll over it!

Seriously? Shepherd's pie? I just want to get it to try!

Now, that's some good eatin'. I am going back later in the week to get dinner for the trip. Although I have to admit, my friends and I aren't exactly "roughing it." 

The last time, we hiked down the 2 miles carrying: a case of beer, a box of wine, 4 ny strips, 2 bags of salad, bags of ice (in a collapsable cooler), hotdogs, buns, ketchup, mustard, fishing poles, lures, and more).  

We have all promised each other that we will not go overboard, we will not go overboard... but I think I already promised that I would make a simply/fancy spaghetti dinner for the second night (the first night we are having steaks, duh). 

The trip to REI wasn't all business...

There was also time to try in those new toe formed grippy shoes that are all the rage. 

More to come...

Oh.... and.... the bear hunt thing? A REI worker told me he was just up there and saw bears. Great. Grand. I love bears. help.

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