Friday, October 29, 2010

Family Jewels

Yes, Family Jewels. Not like that. Like actual jewels or gems. 

You know my hutch that I am in love with? Well, we just got a new addition to the family! I brought this baby home last week. Unfortunately I have not set her up yet. I just don't know where she would look best... but I am lookin'!

My birthday was back in August. My aunt had sent me a gift, to my parents house, and I finally (I have been waiting forever!) got to get it when I went home last weekend. My aunt got this ring for Christmas when she was a kid. It has a terrible story behind it how my mother called it ugly (common sibling jealousy) but I think this awesome vintage tree ring is beautiful. 

I could write a whole post about this coin necklace. But I'm going to keep it short and with dry eyes I will say... I love it. It is my favorite piece of jewelry that I have ever had the pleasure to wear. 

Here's a gem: Me and My grandpaw, before was whisked off the the Racecar Hall of Fame (oooo....ah....). 

Hey! Who is that LOOKER? Are those chicken bangs? Bf asked who was the Asian in the picture.... 

Guess who!?!?! MEEEEE! In 3rd grade I think. Man, Nothing's changed. 

You may want to avert your eyes for this next one. They may have looked cute, but they were pure evil. Seriously, they cackled. 

Now, the beast... the solitary man... oh, wait. Its just my brother. Fierce. 

Look at the excitement on my sister, Emily's, face (on the right). Wooo... a born-to-be Cheerleader. And who is that Dweeb in the middle? Again, meeeeee! Yeah, we were quite the team. 

I think I rocked that Cheerleading costume for Halloween until it was nothing but threads. On that note....


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