Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm Comin' home

It is so rare that 
a. I have a weekend alone
b. my parents are in town
c. I want to go home
d. it is my Grandpa's 79th birthday

So since a, b, c, and d have all become reality, I am headed home to Spartanburg, South Carolina to spend Saturday and Sunday with my parents. I have an older brother and two younger sisters, but it will just be me this weekend. I can't remember that last time that it was just me and my parents at our house. I think since I was in college and the twins (my sisters) had recently been shipped off to Myrtle Beach to attend Coastal Carolina University. I had friends who still lived in Spartanburg (a.k.a. "Sparkle City"), so even if I was at home "alone" I could/would still hang out with my pals. Now we are older and most everyone has moved away. And I have a more important task to attend to: the birthday of my Grandpaw, Bobby. 

Here he is with his only Granddaughters...

Well, Old Grandpaw is surely one-of-a-kind.

It'll  be fun, but... It's just that.... well, I was lucky enough to grow up with 2 really fun (sometimes I may say mean) sisters. We have always had so much fun together and they are the only two people in the world that I always want to spend time with. If there is something fun going on, I always wish they were there. So, in Spartanburg, where there is no shortage of nothing to do, we can still have fun. 

(Gawd, that shirt is so unflattering! Nice bra, bird. You really are country.)

So, I'll miss them this weekend. I know I will be wishing they were there. Twins, if you are reading this... I miss you. 

But, besides my Grandpaw's 79th (wow) birthday, I also have a birthday present to get and I hope hope hope one more special item from my mother. My parents also recently had a renovation done in their once "country kitchen" (as bf calls it) and I am really excited to see it. Below is a photo of bf and the twins in the once "country kitchen" on my 23rd (wow, that was 4 years ago!) birthday.

And then me and the twins arguing in the kitchen one Christmas. This picture better displays the age of my parents' kitchen. 

I will miss my sisters, but I will also miss my stinky brother. Sometimes I can't believe we all lived in that house at the same time and no one died. 
This is an old Christmas card photo attempt.

And another... how quaint. 

Who will I sneak beers with?

I guess my parents will suffice. They are fun too. Even though instead of sneaking beers they will want to sneak in jogs and bicycle rides. 
This is my mom at a triathlon a few months ago. 

My dad is fun too. Here we are in NYC.

But as fun as my Triathlon running, non-beer sneaking, funny parents go.... these are the 2 people I most want to hang with...

Happy almost 79th Birthday Grandpaw!!!


  1. Can you say "only granddaughters" when there's 3 of you?

  2. Hilarious ending. Very impressed with the photo of mom and dad. Im practically in tears. But did you really have to choose those photos? Ick. Iv'e seen better days...