Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall All Over The Garden

This past weekend, I practically holed myself up with one goal: get my fall garden and plants in order. Bf and I hit up Home Depot and Lowe's to get all we needed to set up our fall garden. The weather was a gorgeous mid-70s and we were looking forward to transforming our home and yard. 

Bf has the green thumb. I do not. I am plant-challenged. I have the heart though. I want to be  a good gardener. I really do. I buy the books, I read online, I buy the plants and then... I stall out. My mother is a great gardener. Maybe one day it will click. For now, I deal with indoor plants and weeding. 

For my indoor plants, I bought some great yellow poms. 

Some great red flowers for my kitchen nook. 

And a great Jade. They are a type of succulent. Gorg. Of course I had to get a great new pot to put it in. 

I hate rogue bees. This one broke in and buzzed around for a couple of hours. Annoying. 

And also my favorite, the Ponytail Palm. I have a friend who has one and I have been oooing and ahhhing over it for quite sometime. 

Seriously, my den looks 100 times better. The addition of a plant made the room more welcoming, happier, and more adult-like. 

I peeked into my backyard at my old Summer Garden. Goodbye summer. Goodbye dried up summer plants (sniff). 

The tears were short-lived because once I walked out front I was greeted by my cheerful Chrysanthemum. Hello. 

And my sunny, albeit tiny, yellow rose bush that I planted last winter. 

Then to our gorgeous Fall Garden. Bf and I had rented a tiller back in the summer in anticipation of this garden. We scouted out this perfect spot. 

We planted:



Brussels Sprouts

Red Cabbage. 

Regular Cabbage? Broccoli? We will have to wait and see. I totally don't remember. 

More red cabbage.

Then, the summer tomato plant. She's still here. Still. 

Let me tell ya a lil' story about the tomato plant. They are bf's babies. I'm talking, he spend hours a week with these 2 plants that we have. He gingerly plucks the tomatoes off and so of course... I hate them. I hate them because he planted them SMACK DAB in my front yard. Ok, our front yard, but c'mon! The front yard!? So when you see our house we look like those creepy farmer people with plants right by the front door. Of course, he did it when I was at work, so when I came home I had to give him a talkin' to. He informed me that I was not allowed to move them no matter what. So sometimes I walk by and slap a little branch away. The big plant seriously blocks our front path. I have been looking forward to fall and that dang plant dying for months. Although, I have cooked with them many many times and they are delicious, I look forward to the day when they are smacking me in the face every morning. 

The baby.

The mama.

And apparently, mama's not finished. Here are some flowers telling us that she will bear more fruit. 

There are even a few little babies tucked in those huge green leaves. 

I think this is a habanero plant. But honestly, I don't remember. Of course, it also made sense to plant this puppy smack dab in the front yard. 

And the habanero plant isn't done growing either. 

We were out there for hours and it was such a gorgeous day. While bf worked, I weeded, the dogs lied in the sun and then played together, so nice...

While bf planted the entire garden, I weeded this tiny patch. It took forrrrevvvverrrr... 

I can't wait until the garden starts to grow and we can take some pictures and show you what we've got. I've never grown fall veggies before so I'm curious what one plant will give us. I also smell lots of delicious fall recipes in the works. 

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