Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dim Sum... and then some more

I love to go to Dim Sum. For bf and I it is practically a Sunday tradition. We will go every Sunday for weeks and then somehow manage to forget about it all together for months. Last Sunday was the first time that we have been back since the Spring (we forgot how good it was all summer). We go to a place that is close by to us called Oriental Pearl. This place gets JAM PACKED after 12 noon on Sundays.

Three great things about Dim Sum:

#1 Cheap eats
#2 Sooooo much variety
#3 In and Out lickity split

(and an extra #4 Awesome people watching)

Well, the pictures aren't great, but the food was. I felt bad snapping away while we stared down by the employees of the Oriental Pearl. And since its the closest (and best) Dim Sum to us, I took pics quickly and then chowed down on the deliciousness.

They said that this was Pork Bun, but usually it looks like a Ryan's Steakhouse roll. It was still so good. The inside was to die for.

I forget what these are. They are noodle with shrimp in the middle. Not my personal fav, but still worth getting. 

I don't know what it is about this fried rice. I like the mound shape, I like the veggies, I like to rice. Good, good, good. A must have. 

Now these eggroll-type things are right up there with dumplings (my favorite). The wrapping is almost like filo. It is so flaky! And then you get some of this duck sauce going on... mmm...mmm...mmmm....

Then some Shumai dumplings. 

Then the cart rolled by and my eyes bugged out! MY PORK BUNS!!!! And they were the Ryan's roll-type. They taste like they have been brushed with butter and honey.

This tea will cure all that ails you. 

Like I said, the pictures are crap. But you can imagine. 


The inside of my pork bun was warm, delicious, savory and sweet. This is also a MUST TRY. 

Dim Sum is such a nice thing to do on a Sunday Morning/Afternoon. The food is great and there is a huge variety of dishes. I left completely stuffed and was glad that I lived right down the road so that I could go home and lie down. 

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