Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pizza on the griiiill

Pizza on the grill is one of my favorite meals to cook. Its not only FUN, but you can also make it as unhealthy healthy as you want.

The first time I ever had pizza on the grill was in Savannah when a friend of a friend cooked it. He made one with red sauce and sausage and.... mmm... it was good. But my favorite out of the two he made was a white pizza. It had garlic spread instead of red sauce and chicken and cheese.... and more I am sure.

My favorite kind to make is Greek pizza. I have an unhealthy olive obsession and so my greek pizza might as well be called Olive Pizza. I can slap kalamata olives on just about anything.

First, I went off to get my ingredients (and a whole ton of Lara Bars).

1. A regular piza crust or wheat crust (I got both)
2. Pizza sauce
3. Mozzarella cheese
4. Turkey pepperoni
5. Large white onion
7. Homegrown tomatoes

 not shown...

1. Feta cheese
2. Pickled jalepenos
3. garlic salt
4. olive oil

The best, the homegrown tomatoes. I didn't use them on my pizza, but I did put them in my accompanying salad. 

The first thing I did was put Olive Oil on the top AND bottom of the crust. Then I put a ladle full of sauce on the pizza crust and spread it around. 

Then I sprinkled garlic salt along the crust of the pizza.

Cut up one large onion. I like to slice mine.

Then sprinkle a thin layer of Mozzarella.

Add your sliced onions

Then add your pepperoni. I usually use regular pepperoni, which is awesome, but this time I went for the turkey.

Then I added my sliced Kalamata Olives (I would typically add a butt-ton more, but of course... I ran out. The horror.)

Next, I spread my pickled jalepenos

A layer of crumbled feta cheese. All those years working in Greek restaurants (Hey there, Old Towne) made me a die hard feta fan. 

One more final layer of Mozzarella....

TO THE GRILL! I put my grill on low, about 400 degrees. I've done it hotter before, but then you risk burning the bottom. 

After about 5 minutes, I check the bottom to make sure its not burnt. Also, you definitely want the cheese melted. 

Look at those yum grill marks. 

Then, serve it up! Sooooo easy!

It is a jam-packed, pizza crust + cheese of flavor!

Here is my side salad of homegrown tomatoes with romaine and parmesan. I love Brianna's Salad dressing. The one I used tonight was the Homestyle Balsamic. 

On two other notes...

While I was making my pizza, bf was busy making his famous Gazpacho. 

It looked too delicious not to take a picture of it. This is a meal we will leave in the fridge for about a week. We eat it for breakfast, brunch, lunch, lupper, supper, and mid-night snack. Mmmm... and so healthy. 

We can't eat without feeding the dogs, Stellbell and Chumble Pie. Usually I feed them the Rachel Ray Nutrish for dogs. But, as I so often do... I ran out of dog food. Usually, there is some chicken or SOMETHING I can feed the beasts, but my cabinets were bare to the bone. 

So I whipped up some brown rice, pepperonis (from the pizzas, duh), cheese, and chicken broth. It must have been so delicious because the kitchen was dead quiet besides the jingling of collars hitting the bowls. 

I think StellBell may have growled at me a bit. He was not into having his dinner disrupted. 

Chumble Pie was knocking her bowl against the wall, hence the cheese and rice everywhere. 

They love little treats like that. Looks like everyone in my household had their own thing going on tonight. 

Do you ever feed your dogs "people food?"

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