Tuesday, September 14, 2010

i wish this was my idea

The Vietnamese folk who started this place, had my friends and I in mind. Its the Crawfish Shack. I had heard about this place, read about it on my favorite food blogs, and then on Saturday at about 5:30, I pushed through the doors that I know I will push through 1000 more times.

Now, I was so busy eating that I was not taking pictures. I have never attended a meal where the attendants talked so little. It was chatter, food came, silence, then moaning. We couldn't stop!

4 of us ordered:

3 lbs of crawfish
2 number 3s (grouper, 2 sides, 4 shrimp)
2 lbs king crab legs
1/2 dozen oysters
10 shrimp w 2 sides

I want to go back just typing it. The grouper was unbelievable. I got it lightly battered and squeezed numerous lemons on it (just the way I like it). I also got steamed shrimp, hush puppies, and corn. Everything was sooo good.

I mean.... yum. 

The crawfish were perfectly spiced. The oysters were chilled to perfection. And the wait staff was friendly enough and not annoying. 

Downside: Monday to Thursday they close at 7.

But, whatevs. They also deliver for a minimum of $100. Hello Seafood Party!

The aftermath:


I mean, I couldn't ask for a more perfect restaurant. They probably just cruise on down the road and buy their seafood at the buhifm


  1. Ummm...DELICIOUS! Britton will FLIP when I tell him about this!!!!

  2. 3#'s of crawfish.... sounds like John's signature order. It should be referred to as "Howkins"