Saturday, September 25, 2010

Leon, I think I love you.

I am an easy to please burger girl sometimes. I got my fix last night. Remember my Lara Bar post? I have been dreaming of a dripping with catsup (ketchup) ever since. I made it a while! Last night at Leon's, we were starved from the moment we walked in. There was a group of six of us: Thandrew, Teej, Magpie, Jordache, and myself. We were seated in this very private booth so we could hoop and holler to our hearts content. And hoop and holler we did!

Girls alway taking pictures. In between my self and 1/2 of Thandrew is Magpie. 

Jordache and I had burger dreams that were about to come true... hence the smiles.

But before the food, Absinthe (really?!). 1/2 of Thandrew, Magpie and I all shared one (and never finished it...phew.) 

Because who DOESN'T drink Absinthe before dinner? Yeah, we are Europeans. 

It was a lot milkier than I thought it would be.

While, yes, I got to eat a burger, I am a sucker for cured meats and cheeses. I should change my name to "Charcuterie." Its that bad. So I ordered the rogue smokey blue and a gouda cheese with the pine st. coppa. Mmmm....

Then, Jordache and I split the white oak pastures grass-fed burger, tillamook cheddar, catsup & mustard, bread and butter pickles. Here is my half, gleaming at me. 

They have awesome homemade sauces too. I got the homemade ketchup and bacon and tarragon mayo (I don't even like mayo, but by the end of the meal, I was dipping my fries in it.)

The table was well-hidden in the restaurant, but if you needed to get out, it was a little tricky. Teej had to hold up a napkin so that the ladies could wiggle out under the table without exposing too much. 

After a trip to Rhode Island this summer, I feel in love with the Dark 'n Stormy. I couldn't believe they had them here, so I promptly ordered on. Not nearly as good as the ones in Newport, but it did the trick. 

Recipe for Dark 'n Stormy:

dark rum (Gosling's is what makes the drink)
ginger beer
and enjoy... apparently it is also Bermuda's signature drink

Interesting seating arrangements in the car had us all in stitches. The six of us were jammed in the car singing "Let's Give 'Em Something to Talk about" at the top of our lungs. Hilariously fun. 

Thanks to Leon's for a delicious dinner and the setting for a hilarious night!

What's your favorite song to sing at the top of your lungs?

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