Sunday, September 26, 2010

Inman Park Explorations

With bf and one half of Thandrew out of town the other half and I decided to have a girls night down in Inman Park. Plans for a girl's night almost always include going to dinner somewhere that we would not normally get to go to (distance reasons, etc). Immediately, Inman park was an easy choice... but where to?

I have always wanted to go to Sotto Sotto, but if I ate pasta for dinner, I would need to go lie down.

Then we looked at Rathbun's, but we wanted something a little lighter. That is on the "I HAVE to go there list."

Then we stumbled upon Park's Edge. Even just looking at the menu, we knew it was the right place for tonight.

The description on that website got me hooked before I even looked at the menu. "As the shadows of the park lengthen and the sun sets behind the Atlanta sky line..." uh, yes. I'm such a sucker. The restaurant was located off Highland Ave and on this interesting back alley.

Very San Fran-like hill walk up.

There was graffiti, which meant.... photo op, of course.

Nothing like an urban backdrop to really get me excited. 

Then we continued on our way to Park's Edge. 

I forgot that it was Inman Park's restaurant week, so there was a Prix Fixed menu. We just ordered some salads and appetizers.

Really good, perfectly seared scallops done asian style... notice the HUGE sprig of Rosemary on the dish.

Um... i ate it. The WHOLE thing. Total accident, but it did not taste good. 

Another cheese plate! Like I said, I could just eat meat and cheese plates. Remember I just had one at Leon's Friday night. 

This plate was very different from last night. On the plate: prosciutto, gorgonzola, bresaola, and an asiago cheese along with green tomatoes and kalamata olives. 

Then we had the salads. 

Artichoke salad

Heirloom tomato salad. When I ordered it, this is not what I pictured, but it was still good. 

This is definitely a place to try and I would order an entree next time I go. Walking back down the hill, we caught a pretty view of the ATL skyline.

Uh oh... its that an urban backdrop?! Is that GRAFFITI?!

I just can't resist. Remember that sometimes, once just aint enough

Oh and that wasn't it. We explored Carroll Street Cafe and then to Nino's. 

That was when I captured this gem:

For real? If Mr. Zipper asked me out on a date... well, that would never happen. For real?! Is it just me? Where does a man even find a shirt like that?

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