Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday Supper

I thought I'd do a quick blog about one of my favorite weekend traditions: Sunday Supper.

Usually, me and bf eat them together while watching a mash up of Iron Chef/Desperate Housewives/choice movie On Demand, but this Sunday I was on my own.

In honor of my bf's Man's Nights (a.k.a. a side of beef, bag of salad, bottle of red wine), I did my own spin and this Sunday had a woMan's Night.

Instead of getting a huge ribeye or some kind of steak with a bone in it, I got a nice cut of a filet mignon.

I made sure to let my steak sit out for a while and let warm in the room temperature.

I have to set the steak above my microwave. A filet on the counter with two large dogs... you learn from experience. 

Once the steak warmed up a bit, I heated up my pan with a pad of butter. Now, I know... "You are going to cook a steak in a pad of butter?!"..... chill, its Sunday Supper. Not diet Monday. 

Then I cracked salt 'n pepper on each side of the steak and placed one side of the steak down in the heated pan. 

After about 2-3 minutes on each side, I place my steak in a 400 degree oven (but I definitely think you could go hotter). 

Meanwhile, my red taters were boiling...

I was sipping on a cool glass of white vino...

I like ice in my wine. I know... then it was time to flip over.

That side got a good char. 

Into the 400 degree oven it goes. Apparently there is grease and a ball of tin foil in the bottom that I never have noticed.

Once I got my steak going, I poured some beef stock into a sauce pot to get crackin' on my blue cheese sauce for my filet.

I let it get hot, hot, hot and then dumped in a 1/2 tablespoon of butter, a handful of blue cheese crumbles, and a splash of heavy cream. 

Then bring to a boil.

Along with my blue cheese sauce, I also wanted to dip my steak in Dale's. This is one of my favorite meat marinades. 

After about 7 minutes in the oven, my steak was medium rare-ish and ready to go. I let it rest for about 5 minutes before diving in. 

I had my steak, my taters, my vin, my sauces, my brand-new mags, and... a GREAT movie on Showtime. 

Look at that char.

Mmmm.... perfect. Keep in mind that was an end piece, so the rest was less cooked, even though I like the well-cooked ends. 

It was awful, I hated it. 

Oh, and that GREAT movie... 

I'll do a woMan's night anytime....

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