Sunday, September 12, 2010

weekend trip to buhifm

I love love love the Buford Highway farmer's market. When I first moved to Atlanta about 3 years ago, I couldn't get enough. I would go multiple times a week. I have been fortunate to live close enough to buhi since my move to Atl from Charleston. If you have never been, it is amazing! There are types of food from all over the world, from American to Russian to Jamaican. Ah... yum. I could roam the aisles for hours and spend 1000s of dollar$.

So when my friend, Thao, asked me to come over and have dinner on Friday, we both knew that I'd be making a run to the farmer's market after work. On my list of things to get was yellowtail and octopus from the sushi section. I always walk the same path when I am there. When you walk in the big yellow doors there is so much produce it can make your head spin.

I have to weave in and out through all of the aisles before I can then wander into the meat section.


I must admit, while the meat section is pretty fierce, I never get my meat (beef, poultry, pork) from buhifm. I don't know why, just a thing I have with it. BUT if you ever need a cow's head, tongue, balls, and more... then this is the place to go!

Then its the mother-load. The "I CAN'T BELIEVE MY EYES" moment. The Seafood section. It really is marvelous. 

They have also recently given this section an overhaul to make it more appetizing and clean. 

Talk about fresh, right?

They really have EVERYTHING.


You can tell a fishes "freshness" by the lucidity of it's eyes. Clear=good. Look how wonderfully clear!

This is a monkfish head. Scary. But their liver is mmm mmm good. 

Then off to the Sushi section where I was to collect my goodies. I didn't get a picture of the yellowtail because my bf and I were debating over which piece to get.

Delicious tuna, an all time fav. 

Octopus Sashimi grade

Perfect grab and go sushi

There is so much there you can't NOT find what you are looking for. 

We went on Friday afternoon at about 3 and the place was dead. I always think its so neat to go there on weekdays because you could skateboard through the isles. On Sundays, when I usually go, it is jam-packed, can't move.... but, they have free samples of delicious items on Sundays so its totally worth it. 

I also picked up some ramen-like Korean soup, Tsingtao beer, and sauces. 

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